Murcia, an unknown city in Spain

If you have pictured yourself travelling around Spain, you probably have thought in Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza and maybe Granada or Malaga. But, have you ever heard about Murcia? Spain is a country full of awesome monuments and great cities and because of that, there are places that remain unknown. Sure it is not because they’re not interesting or pretty enough and that’s why I want to share my trip to a place that many of you may know nothing about it.

I first visited Murcia last year and I did it again this summer and it has surprised me in a good way. In this post I will talk about the city of Murcia, but don’t miss the next posts about Cartagena or natural places. If you want to know what this city can offer, read these five musts!

  1. Cathedral

As every other city in Spain, Murcia has its own big cathedral, in the Cardenal Belluga Square, in the center. It is a clear square, where you will also find the City Hall, the Palacio Episcopal and many restaurants (forget about them, they are too centric to be cheap).

Its façade it’s kind of impressive, with a lot of columns and a pediment that I have never seen in others cathedrals. It is built on an old mosque and inside, you have to look for the cupola of the Capilla de los Vélez, which had a ten-pointed star in the ceiling.

If you can, try to go to the night guided visits and you can appreciate the cathedral in a different light and there is fewer people.


  1. The cathedral’s tower

It’s interesting to know that the tower had different construction ages and that’s why each one of its parts has a different building style. Plus, it is possible that soon becomes the new Pisa tower because, if you look carefully, it’s leaning! (you can see it better in the previous photo, next to the cathedral). Although they tried to fix it, the leaning is still quite obvious.

The tower is next to the cathedral and you can go upstairs. It is the third highest tower in Spain, after the Giralda in Seville and the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, so it’s worth it to go all the way up to enjoy the views. Beware: you can only go upstairs with a guide and in specific hours.


  1. Walk along the Segura river

It is not full of water, but it has a beautiful color and it is very clean. You can notice that the city has spent a fortune in cleaning the river and make the surrounding prettier. Along the river you will find many bridges, some of them only for pedestrians and they are all bright and clear.


  1. Royal Casino

This building, right in the center of Murcia, has been and still is a meeting point for the locals. It is an elegant place, with chandeliers in the ceiling, leather seats in enormous rooms and marble floors. It also has a room with Arabic style, full of tiles and arches. It is a quite impressive building in terms of décor.

At the moment, besides a touristic place, it is a private club, exposition place and you can rent it for photo shootings and ceremonies. Inside you can find a library and a study room that, unfortunately, is private use only.


  1. Pastelicos de carne

Yes, a city is not only buildings and monuments: there’s also time to try the local gastronomy. The “pastelico de carne” is undoubtedly one of the most famous things you can taste. It is a puff pastry, full of meat and egg, it’s kind of spicy and you eat it hot. And it’s only 1.5€!

If you want to try it, one of the most iconic places is Roses, a shop that sells food and souvenirs. It right next to the cathedral tower, so it’s easy to find!


If you liked this post and you would like to go to Murcia, I recommend you to go in September, because is when they have a local party and there are many concerts (some of them for free). The week after Easter is also the perfect time, since you can enjoy the festival Bando de la Huerta, see the typical dresses and taste the best wines of the place.

Have you ever been in Murcia? Do you think there is something missing? Leave a comment and share!

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